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  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014 delivers business-class data management for a wide variety of database applications, with reliable uptime, security, and ease of management. Hybrid cloud capabilities help to scale on demand, increase availability, and reduce costs. And when it comes to business intelligence (BI), SQL Server 2014 delivers faster insights into any data through familiar tools. With SQL Server 2014, you get integrated development and deployment, and one of the most secure database platforms with built-in security and information technology (IT) controls–at the lowest total cost of ownership.
    SQL Server 2014, the latest complete information platform from Microsoft, embodies the new era of Microsoft’s Cloud OS, which provides organizations and customers with one consistent platform for infrastructure, apps and data that span customer data centers, hosting service- provider data centers, and the Microsoft public cloud. The benefits that customers experience with a consistent platform include common development, management, data, identity, and virtualization, no matter where an application is being run.
    SQL Server 2014 also offers organizations the opportunity to efficiently protect, unlock, and scale their data across the desktop, mobile devices, data centers, and a private, public, or hybrid cloud. Furthermore, SQL Server 2014 builds on the success of SQL Server 2012 by making a strong impact on organizations worldwide with significant new capabilities that are tightly aligned to the trends transforming the IT industry, including Microsoft’s Cloud OS. SQL Server provides mission-critical performance for the most demanding database applications while delivering the highest forms of security, scalability, high availability, and support. SQL Server 2014’s mission is to deliver faster insights into big data, small data—all data—and, most importantly, deliver business intelligence in a consumable manner through familiar tools such as Microsoft Excel.
    Finally, SQL Server 2014 enables new unique hybrid-cloud solutions based on the Cloud OS. These solutions can positively affect an organization’s bottom line and allow an organization to create innovative solutions for its database applications.