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Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2013 - 32/64 Bits

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  • As the entry-level professional product, Visual Studio 2013 Professional is the mainstay IDE of choice for many developers around the world. Visual Studio Online Professional combines the capabilities found in Visual Studio Online Basic with a convenient, monthly subscription to the latest version of Visual Studio Professional. Used together, you can collaborate with others to build five-star apps for multiple Microsoft platforms, including the desktop, Windows Store, Windows Phone, Office, the web, and the cloud.
    As release cadences accelerate, it becomes more difficult to automate deployment in repeatable, reliable ways while tracking simultaneous in-flight releases. Visual Studio 2013 enables you to define release stages, acceptance criteria, and approval workflows to automate the release process and deploy continuously.
    Discuss work in progress, link directly to work items, and add events in a virtual collaboration space. Unlike email threads, Team Room communications are centralized for visibility by all contributors. Team Rooms can be used for daily stand-ups, connecting with remote team members, and as a durable archive of project activity.
    Work Item Charting helps you quickly visualize bugs, user stories, tasks, or any other work item query. Charts are always up to date and accessible to team members, providing them with key information about the progress of the project.
    Decompose backlogs at the right level for your organization. Whether you are managing multiple teams or a single team, you can create a backlog hierarchy that meets your needs. Map the workflow and status of each backlog in a customized Kanban board that fits your team process.
    Unit tests ensure code quality and Fakes help you test code correctness by isolating dependencies. Execute your test plan, seek out hidden bugs, and document how the bug was found throughout the development and release process. Coded UI testing automates customer scenario testing so you can deliver a high-quality user experience with less effort.